Thrillville Stunts is the first theme park in Thrillville: Off the Rails. It is based on stunt shows and car sports. Once you reach the level of Media Mogul, you can go to Thrillville Otherworlds.

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Missions in the park Thrillville Stunts vary from finishing a pre-built coaster in the park, to bribing a critic with a teddy bear in order for her to write a good review for the park. You eventually satisfy all three critics by first talking with H.G. Krupp and persuading her to write a good review of the park, and then she will warn you of the two tougher critics, Moe Potts and Molly Noodles. After talking with the two of them, you bribe Moe Potts with a VIP pass, and bribe Molly Noodles with a souvenir teddy bear that the player wins from a sideshow game.

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