Sparkle Quest is an anime-style platforming game in Thrillville: Off The Rails, similar in theme to Sparkle Island. It features a wide variety of artwork and several large areas to explore. The following information applies to the version of Sparkle Island as found in the game Thrillville: Off The Rails.

Goal Edit

The main goal of Sparkle Quest is to navigate the four levels and defeat the final boss. To do this, the player controls a rabbit-like creature who must avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies in order to progress.

Areas Edit

Sparkle Quest is divided into four levels: a beach, a cave, a forest, and a tower. Only the first level is available within a theme park's arcade. To access the full game with all four levels, Sparkle Quest must be accessed from Party play.

Items Edit

Extra lives are obtained by collecting hearts, while stars and food award points which count toward the final score. Special items are carried to friendly characters to unlock new areas. Several items may be found in secret areas which are hidden behind walls. Checkpoints take the form of a flower bed which blooms and sparkles when touched.

Multiplayer Edit

In multiplayer mode, Sparkle Quest is presented as a single-screen race to collect Feeyos. The difficulty determines the time limit, and selecting Battle allows up to four players to compete for points and shoot each other with stars.

Hints Edit

  • Collect as many hearts as possible during the early stages of the game. Each level increases in difficulty and may require several attempts to complete. The final level is especially challenging
  • Long jumps require a running start, however small. If you jump and then move, you won't cover as much ground
  • If you hit your head while jumping, you'll be stunned for a moment and your jump won't reach as far
  • Be patient around moving platforms. Waiting for one to return is better than a hasty, misplaced jump
  • Some areas require you to fall blindly onto a platform. Treetops give a hint to where you may find solid ground
  • Learn enemy types and behavior. Later enemies may be invincible, or chase you when attacked
  • Sparkle Quest reveals the story behind the game Sparkle Island, along with the true form of the latter game's main protagonist

Achievements Edit

Completion of the single-player game unlocks an achievement.